Google account to login our application

Yikes! You should never be required to share your username, password, your credentials, to another service. There’s no guarantee that an organization will keep your credentials safe or guarantee their service won’t access more of your personal information than necessary.

We are going to implement a feature to login to an Angular web application using Google login interface. Login with Google makes it easy and safe for users to use applications. Also, application need not to be featured to manage user and credentials, saving plenty of complexities for developer and organization!


Implementation Steps

Migration is nature

This post is about two popular Source Control Systems, TFS (Team Foundation Server) and Git. Each of one is strong and has many users in their respective world.

After using TFS for many years, if someone reads Dennis Doomen’s post about ‘Why you should abandon TFS and adopt Git’, a keen developer would definitely like to taste Git.

First question appears in mind, how would I take my work from TFS to Git.
One would simply copy code to Git local directory and push it to remote repository. …

Starting with Basic implementation

This post is for newbie to help them implement Angular UI code starting from very basic installations.


Implementation Steps

1. Setup and Installations

a. Install Node JS
Go to
Node version 14.15.4 is used for this post.

To check node version, use below command in terminal i.e Command Prompt

>> node –version

Command Output: v14.15.4

b. Install Angular CLI
This is a utility command tools provided by Angular to facilitate developers to create angular projects, code files and many more.

Open terminal at any path…

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